Akuna Blue™, drink history.

When you dine you match the finest local ingredients to best wines of the region, why should your sparkling or still water choice be any different? AKUNA BLUE™ is drawn from a volcanic rock aquifer that’s formation is over one million years old. The mineral rich water contained in the South Alligator Dolostone aquifer, located in the Northern Territory of Australia, is naturally purified over 10,000 years through a series of limestone and quartz rocks. This natural purification process means no chemicals, no additives, just a beautifully silky smooth water. Available in still or sparkling in 375ml or 750ml sizes, means you can enjoy a bottle with friends or one all to yourself.

Don’t compromise on taste or quality.

This custom designed bottle will define and highlight the AKUNA BLUE™ brand’s commitment to being a premium and boutique product. A complete restaurant launch package has been designed for the AKUNA BLUE™ brand including rechargeable docking units that light up when a bottle of 750ml sized sparkling or still AKUNA BLUE™ is placed on it. These stainless steel, beautifully crafted units will ensure the AKUNA BLUE™ product stays elegantly lit all night.